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Get the add-ons you want with Microsoft Project Server hosted by BeMo and realize the additional benefits FluentPro, Matan, Nintex, TPG and UMT can bring to your organization

BeMo has pioneered on-demand hosted Microsoft Project Server and made it accessible to organizations of all sizes. As a matter of fact, BeMo is the only company in the world offering on-demand Microsoft Project Server 2010, 2013 and 2016 ready in less than 15 minutes. BeMo also offers dedicated server solutions which can be deployed in more than 24 datacenter locations around the world.

However, we did not stop there. BeMo understands its customers can benefits from the extra value third party add-ons for Project Server can bring to them. As a result we have worked closely with our strategic partners to create on-demand solutions which enable BeMo customers to complement their hosted Project Server plans with powerful add-ons.

Get the add-ons you want

Check out our impressive list of third party add-ons. Then add them to your existing hosting plan or place an order for BeMo Project Online to try them out. 

Remember, only BeMo delivers the power of hosted Microsoft Project Server for organization of all sizes along with the great add-ons from Campana and Schott, FluentPro, Matan, Nintex, TPG and UMT.

60m is a PPM Solution that allows organizations the ability to manage any agile framework within Microsoft Project Online or Project Server 2013. Made available for existing or new BeMo Project Online and Project Server 2013 customers that manage a portfolio of either agile projects or a hybrid portfolio of both Agile and Waterfall projects; 60m provides organizations with enterprise scalable features that include: Portfolio Analysis for Epic or Sprint prioritization, a backlog to create stories and allow your team to rate story complexity, Team Rooms that contain schedules, tasks and a virtual task board with drag and drop functionality, Resource Center, Timesheets, and a Dynamic Agile Dashboard. Call for pricing.

CS Task Board is an elegant, visual means of presenting data from a SharePoint list. It provides users with the opportunity to drag & drop, sort, filter and search easily while presenting large quantities of data clearly. Define parameters to meet your own requirements e.g. labeling and allocation of axes, as well as options for sorting and filtering.

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CS Status Reporting speeds up your decisions by adding snapshot capabilities to Microsoft Project Server with automated project reports. Aggregate selected quantitative and qualitative information automatically and enable trend-analysis like Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) or Cost Trend Analysis (CTA) that improve your forecasting quality

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CS Resource Management makes resource commitments and availability transparent through a real time dashboard and scorecard reporting. Integrate skills management and enhance the collaboration between project lead and resource manager for steady project planning. Use meaningful reports with single mouse click.

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CS Program Management automates cross-project information flow and reduce planning effort for program management. Enhance program planning with reliable and prompt information exchange between all project levels and experience zero delay when opening your program with automated data exchange in the back-end.

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CS Time Sheet increases recording frequency with a simplified interface. It provides a self-contained mask to enter time and deliver visualization of meaningful reports. Display sums per project or day to prevent overbooking, utilize data validation to guarantee consistency and leverage an extendable reporting system based on a dedicated database

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FluentPro EPM Pulse logo

FluentPro EPM Pulse
Data visualization and Business Intelligence - no coding required

FluentPro EPM Pulse enables you to design and share portfolio and project dashboards for Project Server in minutes. No SQL query writing or coding required. Learn more...

Introduction offer:Try FluentPro EPM Pulse free for 30 days

Starting at $15        available with BeMo Project Online and dedicated servers

FluentPro Workspaces logo

FluentPro WorkSpaces
Give a cool look to your Project Sites

FluentPro Workspaces changes the way users work in Project Server by changing the focus to Project Sites as main the entrance for all tasks users perform in Project Server. Combined with the contemporary “Windows 8 design” look. Learn more...

Introduction offer: Try FluentPro WorkSpaces free for 30 days

Starting at $7        available with BeMo Project Online and dedicated servers

Matan Company logo

Matan MasterLink - An advanced way to manage inner dependencies between projects

MasterLink is a unique management tool with the goal of making it easier for managers to control and monitor multiple projects simultaneously.

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Nintex Workflow and Nintex Workflow for Project Server

Create workflows - no coding required

Nintex workflow technology adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity and advanced workflow features to Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server platforms. Business users and IT Professionals alike will be empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes. Learn more...

TPG The Project Group Company logoTPG MTA Server

Visualize and analyze trends

TPG Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is an easy-to-read combination of the history and prognosis of selected project milestones. It gives users a graphical overview of time-related deviations arising during a project and ensures reliable planning by regularly updating the actual situation in relation to the milestone deadline. Learn more...

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TPG The Project Group Company logo

TPG PortfolioPlanner
Enhance Portfolio Analysis

TPG PortfolioPlanner helps perform optimization of resource utilization with a simple drag and drop user interface. Additionally, it provides a graphical simulation of current state of projects and immediate view of impact on the resources involved along with summaries of all project data in an easy-to-read diagram. Learn more...

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TPG The Project Group Company logo

TPG ProjectLink
Connect tasks and information in multi-project management -
even between different companies!

TPG ProjectLink helps manage dependencies between tasks and projects that span even across different independent organizations. Learn more...

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UMT360 for PPM - Project Portfolio Financial Intelligence

UMT360 for PPM connects finance and PPM to automate the entire capital planning process and drive complete financial transparency helping stakeholders make smarter investment decisions and improve project success rates. By standardizing financial controls across the investment planning lifecycle, UMT360 improves top down and bottom up budgeting, automates funding approvals, tracks cost performance and establishes a benefits realization framework to maximize the ROI on every dollar invested in strategic initiatives. Learn more...

UMT Project Essentials logo

UMT Project Essentials 2012 - Control Costs and Track Benefits

UMT Project Essentials 2012 brings together the leading project and portfolio management (PPM) capabilities of Project Server 2010 with comprehensive cost and benefit management techniques to provide financial transparency, control and accountability across the lifecycle. Learn more...

Introduction offer: Try UMT Project Essentials with BeMo Project Online 2010 now and save 20%

Starting at $30