CS Task Board is an elegant, visual means of presenting data from a SharePoint list. It provides users with the opportunity to drag & drop, sort, filter and search easily while presenting large quantities of data clearly. Define parameters to meet your own requirements e.g. labeling and allocation of axes, as well as options for sorting and filtering.

The underlying SharePoint technology guarantees complete control of the data used through version control, e-mail alerts and seamless integration into existing Microsoft Office infrastructures.


Key Features

  • Visual presentation of data / tasks just as on a pin board
  • Moving / processing of elements using drag & drop
  • High levels of acceptance by users thanks to ease of use
  • Can be used in a wide range of scenarios e.g.: Agile Project Management, SCRUM Board and Kanban Board


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CS Status Reporting speeds up your decisions by adding snapshot capabilities to Microsoft Project Server with automated project reports. Aggregate selected quantitative and qualitative information automatically and enable trend-analysis like Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) or Cost Trend Analysis (CTA) that improve your forecasting quality.


  • Increased Savings
  • Automate aggregation of information for your reports
  • Faster Decisions
  • Compare standardized reports quickly
  • Improved Forecast
  • Take snapshots to analyze trends and raise forecast quality
Key Features
  • Fully automated report creation
  • Snapshots of project information in regular intervals
  • Standardized report design with predefined sections such as Cost Trend Analy-sis or Risk Matrix
  • Automated aggregation into enterprise management reports
  • Configurable sources such as Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Approval workflow for reports

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CS Resource Management makes resource commitments and availability transparent through a real time dashboard and scorecard reporting. Integrate skills management and enhance the collaboration between project lead and resource manager for steady project planning. Use meaningful reports with single mouse click.

CS Resource Management is directly integrated into Microsoft Project. Project leads can request dedicated team members as well as generic roles based on skill pro-files via the “Request Builder” implemented in an additional ribbon.

The resource manager will be notified via the “Request Center“ in the Project Web App about incoming requests and can identify, reserve and commit suitable re-sources per request in the “Staffing Cockpit“.

  • Resource assignments, demand for upcoming projects, and resource commitments are visible to all roles
  • Resource commitments are validated by the resource manager and have more significance
  • Commitments are stored in a dedicated data base (project leads cannot change / edit them); reports facilitate compliance with the commitments and assure the staffing process
Key Features
  • Integrated demand process
  • Consistent resource availability based on approval negotiations
  • Flexible and customizable process for resource demand and commitment
  • Automatic notifications for commitments
  • Meaningful reports with single mouse click
  • Integrated skills management

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CS Program Management automates cross-project information flow and reduce planning effort for program management. Enhance program planning with reliable and prompt information exchange between all project levels and experience zero delay when opening your program with automated data exchange in the back-end.

Work packages can be delegated from program level into projects where tasks are detailed out. Their status will be communicated back to the program level to en-sure that the program manager is up-to-date on the overall project status. Notifications use this single source of truth to make potential changes of deadlines visible at a glance.



  • Create space for planning activities through automated data updates!
  • Program information is constantly up-to-date and accurate!
  • Changes are visible to project managers directly on all levels as a base to act!
Key Features
  • Information exchange cross multiple levels – Rollout (top-down) and aggregation (bottom-up)
  • Easy import of tasks and milestones from program into projects
  • Push notifications about delegated tasks to lower levels and cross-project communication
  • Potential “Soft links” changes in plans have to be approved by the responsible project manager
  • Automated data exchange in the backend – no delay when opening the project plan
  • Flexible information exchange – configure individual data flows according to your needs

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CS Time Sheet increases recording frequency with a simplified interface. It provides a self-contained mask to enter time and deliver visualization of meaningful re-ports. Display sums per project or day to prevent overbooking, utilize data validation to guarantee consistency and leverage an extendable reporting system based on a dedicated database.


  • Manage your time recording fast in a clearly arranged entry mask
  • Detail your bookings centrally only in the Project Web App and keep the size of your project schedule under control
  • Multilevel approvals, locked periods, and highlighting of changes increase consistency
Key Features
  • Display of sums per project and day to prevent overbooking
  • Entry of comments per task on a daily base e.g. to create activity reports
  • Setting tasks as favorites to speed up navigation
  • Locked periods to prevent later data changes
  • Data validation at entry point to guarantee consistency during the whole process
  • Time recording for other employees as a representative or manager
  • Extendable reporting system based on dedicated database

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