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Microsoft Gold certified partner PMI  and SAP certified

TPG The Project Group is an international full-service provider of consulting, implementation, products, and training for project management and Microsoft Project.

TPG increases the maturity level of your project management, making a significant contribution to your business success. Its range of products and services is complemented by public seminars on Microsoft Project for users and administrators and on the methodology of the Project Management Institute.

TPG MTA Server is integrated as a web part into Microsoft Project Web App, where it can form part of a management dashboard. Managers can select any project in the portfolio in accordance with their access permissions. In combination with the TPG MTA Client, the data are also available offline.

Key Benefits

  • Graphical support for reporting with a clear overview of how projects are evolving over time
  • Timely detection of deadline bottlenecks
  • Project participants have a better awareness of milestones and their deadlines, increasing planning reliability

Main Features

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Project Web App / Web Access
  • Freely configurable settings for periodic saving of the data pool
  • Filter capability across milestones
  • Deadlines can be displayed for every milestone
  • Graphic can be formatted and copied into Microsoft Office documents
  • Configurable permissions system based on the Microsoft Project Server
  • Works with Project Server 2007/2010/2013

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Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is an easy-to-read combination of the history and prognosis of selected project milestones. It gives users a graphical overview of time-related deviations arising during a project and ensures reliable planning by regularly updating the actual situation in relation to the milestone deadline. Click here to see How MTA works.

TPG PortfolioPlanner supports optimal resource utilization with mouse-based portfolio planning. When a great idea finally turns into a real, approved project, the first question is usually: when will the resource situation let us get started? TPG PortfolioPlanner can help. It lets you aggregate the data from new and current projects on the project level and show each one as a task in Microsoft Project. This gives you a comprehensive yet easy to read overview of all projects in a single bar chart.

Below the bar chart, a dialog box displays several resource histograms summarized by department together with a line representing maximum capacity. Current and new projects are shown in different colors. All you need to do is drag and drop the project bars in Microsoft Project until the resource peaks are below the overload level. This enables you to test simulations quickly and save the results of different variants.

Key Benefits

  • Manual optimization of resource utilization by simple drag and drop
  • Graphical simulation of current state of projects and immediate view of impact on the resources involved
  • Summary of all project data in an easy-to-read diagram

Main Features

  • Simultaneous display of consolidated project schedules (one bar per project) along with several consolidated histograms
  • Variable portfolio resource summaries – by department, by subsidiary, etc.
  • Highly configurable graphics (bars and lines)
  • Data for new projects can be taken from any SQL-based source and information about current projects comes from the Project Server
  • Different simulation results can be saved
  • Works with Project Server 2007/2010/2013

TPG ProjectLink supports your work by easily connecting tasks and information in multi-project management – even between different companies. To achieve efficient collaboration it helps you to transparently share information about schedules, work and costs between projects.

Project managers use TPG ProjectLink to link external tasks to their own planning. They can mirror the bar charts in their own schedule, enabling them to see at a glance which external tasks have changed and how. They can also easily view other details about every linked task, which is important for multi-project overviews. In addition, project status information can be displayed in traffic light form to the steering committee, giving its members important pointers about the state of the project. They can also easily view details of costs, work, etc.

Typical Use Cases

  1. Multi-project overviews with status display: select and combine relevant milestones from individual projects into a multi-project overview.
  2. Program management: mirror requirements for milestones and tasks from the main projects in the Microsoft Project plans of sub-projects.
  3. Connections with individual projects: use the Task Picker to select which tasks from other projects you want to display in your own schedule – even involving different companies.
  4. Coordination between project and line staff: alongside time-related information, other field content such as work, costs, notes etc. can be transferred in both directions.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency of links between tasks across projects
  • At-a-glance, multi-project overviews of the project portfolio’s current status
  • Simple creation of project links between different companies
  • Clear, graphical comparison of a project manager’s own tasks with external tasks
  • Time savings due to information about changes in relevant external projects
  • Better performance with easy links to external projects without having to open each project

Main Features

  • Choice of data sources including Microsoft Project Server sites, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) lists and SQL databases
  • Configurable field mapping to suit a wide range of use cases
  • Easy set-up of links between tasks with the innovative Task Picker (access rights are managed by the Microsoft Project Server permissions system)
  • Mirroring of external tasks into the project manager’s own project
  • Works with Project Server 2007/2010/2013