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Fight cybercrime with BeMo Computer Protection

It may save your business!


Personal computers contain a treasure trove of sensitive information such as emails and documents with confidential data, making them a great source of valuable information for hackers. Therefore, it is critical that you had taken measures to secure your hardware against data loss which could cause irreparable damage to your organization in case of an unfortunate event.

What are these events?


Event #1

Stolen or lost computer

Imagine if someone steals your laptop or if you lost it somewhere. Then hackers can disassemble your device, get the hard drive unit out, and access all your data without you being able to stop them.


Event #2

Ransomware attack

An intruder manages to get into your computer or network then s/he launches a ransomware attack on your laptop which is now preventing you from using your computer and accessing your information.


Event #3

Inadequate anti-virus or anti-malware protection

You purchased your computer years ago and did not keep your anti-virus or anti-malware protection software up to date. Doing so leaves the door open to current more powerful viruses and malware which will result in exposing sensitive information and create a data breach.


Event #4

Lack of automated backup

Your computer suffers from a critical hardware failure or is stolen. You did not have any automated backup and have simply lost all of your data. You now have to spare a considerable amount of time and effort to recover from these incidents.


Is there a solution? 

What can I do about it?

We have good news for you. BeMo Computer Protection package will help you mitigate these unfortunate events with features such as hard drive encryption, ransomware mitigation, best-in-class anti-malware and anti-virus protection along with automated backups. The best part is that our solution is native to Microsoft Office 365 and does not require  any 3rd party software.

Act now and stop putting your organization at risk. Please request a 30-minute free consultation with BeMo, to learn more and explore your options to protect your organization against cybercrime.



Keep your computer safe from hackers now!

Get Computer Protection
Email Protection
Document Protection
Identity Protection


BeMo Platinum

for as low as




How much is your business worth to you?


We are specialized in providing enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions for those that need them the most:

Small and medium-sized businesses

Joel Lachance and Bruno Lecoq, founders of BeMo and both ex-Microsoft, have been delivering advanced IT solutions to businesses for almost two decades. Now with BeMo since 2010, they are bringing office productivity and cybersecurity solutions built on the most trusted and secure commercial cloud: Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.


Data is accessed, used, and shared on-premises and in the cloud, erasing the traditional security boundaries. Not only do you need technology that protects you against evolving threats, you also need someone to educate, monitor, be aware of new trends, report possible attacks and help you mitigate cybersecurity issues.

BeMo helps you secure your digital transformation with a comprehensive platform, unique intelligence, partnerships and proven methodologies that will keep your business safe.

We assist small and medium-sized businesses to effectively protect their employees, company and customers' data

We help them prevent cyber-attacks which can be costly, embarrassing and detrimental to their organization. This helps our clients sleep better at night knowing they have safeguarded their information and are in compliance with applicable laws.

Many owners underestimate the importance of this, and like insurance, it doesn't feel important until they needed it. 

Act now, stop putting your organization at risk. Contact BeMo to prevent becoming another victim of cybercrime.

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What is going to happen to your business if you get hacked or lose control of your company and customer data?



starting as low as $5 /month/user*

Email Protection

Thwart phishing and malware attacks
Filter and block unsafe spoofed emails
Safeguard your emails with encryption

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Document Protection

Prevent accidental sharing of information
Encrypt your documents everywhere
Identify and classify sensitive documents

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Identity Protection

Prevent access from stolen passwords
Manage identity and access
Automate password reset
Simplify user experience with Single-Sign-On

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Computer Protection

Encrypt hard drives like military staff do
Automate computer backups and restore
Foil ransomware plots
Get anti-virus and anti-malware protection

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Business Continuity Protection

Get 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring
Get training & follow the latest trends
Build a mitigation plan
Get assistance to select cyber insurance

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* Require a Microsoft Office 365 subscription sold separately. Contact BeMo for more details.







We are a short-term rental developer and property management located in Seattle WA...I reach reached out to Joel at BeMo. He made it simple. He set me up with a solution using already trusted software: Microsoft 365. This keeps all my information accessible while letting me use the applications I am familiar with AND securing critical information.

For less than $15/Month per user, I now have peace of mind throughout our organization knowing that our correspondences are protected from data breaches and cybercriminals. If your business is not protected from these threats, please call BeMo, they will help you.
 - Andre Zita, owner of Valise Hospitality, Seattle WA


We’re using Microsoft 365 to support a workplace culture that fosters the creativity and teamwork that we need to make our strategies a success – while protecting our environment with intelligent security solutions. - Mario Ferket, IT engineering director, Dow Chemical



The BeMo team has been active in IT management and business transformation for over 20 years. In fact, Bruno Lecoq and Joel Lachance, the brains behind BeMo, are two ex-Microsoft employees and during their tenure in the in Windows, Hardware and Xbox division demonstrated exceptional abilities in addressing cross-group collaboration and business transformation challenges, earning recognition from their CFOs and CVPs.

Both are committed to make certain that small and medium-sized businesses can realize their full potential by making the optimum use of people and technology.

BeMo in business since 2010 and has evolved to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. BeMo focuses on implementing cybersecurity solutions specifically for small and medium-sized business using the most trusted commercial cloud: Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

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