Matan MasterLink screenshot

MasterLink is a unique management tool with the goal of making it easier for managers to control and monitor multiple projects simultaneously.

It provides advanced control capabilities for management in a matrix-based environment and for mega-project management. The tool was developed as a result of a recurring need among our customers - project managers and program managers at different types of organizations.

With MasterLink you can monitor links and perform inter-project integration in real time.

It significantly reinforces MS Project Server’s existing capabilities and let project managers manage integrative project programs composed of sub-projects, easily and elegantly.

  • If you were managing a program or a mega-project, which involves multiple projects that should be linked together
  • If you were managing a project in a matrix-based environment. Team members are reporting to their managers and not to the project manager or PM Office
  • If you needed to present your program or project to a customer or partner
  • If you were integrating your work plan with a sub-contractor

If you have one of those scenarios in your organization you should seriously consider MasterLink.